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The relief India has emerged of a giant crack

В рельефе Индии появились гигантские трещины The appearance of such objects increases the drought in the country.

Researchers in the village of Kerala which is in India, I noticed that after the appearance of cracks in the ground started to disappear water. Pit slowly “capture” all the territory draining rivers and lakes.

For the past five months in Kerala due to the appearance of anomalies in the soil died five hundred people. We should also note that city counts are elevated levels of mercury, which poisons earthworms and changes the properties of land resources.

At the moment, significantly reduced the amount of water in the rivers Periyar, Kabani, Bharathapuzha and the Pampas. Deep reservoirs in the past are now experiencing abnormally low level of water. In addition, dried up and underground water, as a result, the wells have drained.

Scientists have been studying the issue since in the future because of water shortages will massively die. The problem should be solved urgently.

В рельефе Индии появились гигантские трещины

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