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“The relentless sun”: a new series from the Creator of “Luther”

Briton Neil Cross is a very cool dude. He had a hand in the scripts for such series as “Skull and bones”, “Doctor Who”, “Ghosts”, but most often his name is mentioned in relation to the dark police drama “Luther”. And Cross worked on the script of “Mother” Andres, Mosketti.

His new project is called “Merciless sun” (Hard Sun). This series from BBC and service Hulu, which will tell about the world on the brink of Apocalypse.


Modern London. Detectives Hicks and Renko, partners and enemies, trying to uphold the law and protect the family, and on the horizon looms the real end of the world. Hicks — the corrupt police officer and loving family man. Renko differs from it almost all: the lonely, complex, and absolutely incorruptible. But despite all the differences, they continue to work together in anticipation of Armageddon.

Spectators waiting for the classic Duo of unlikely COP partners who have to the investigation of the murder of a hacker will know about the terrible future of the planet. Of course, such a discovery cannot affect heroes. The plot is interesting, kind of reminds of the trilogy of Ben H. winters ‘ “Last policeman”, where events unfold in the background approaching the Earth a huge asteroid. The end of the world is inevitable, but people are trying to be human and to do their job. I wonder how the theme will fit Cross.

Starring Jim Sturgess (“Twenty one”, “Geostorm”) and Agnes Deynplayed Aphrodite in “clash of the titans”. In the first season will be six episodes, which were directed by Brian kirk (“Game of thrones”, “penny Dreadful”), Nick Rowland (“Handcuffs”) and Richard Senor (“Poldark”).

Premiere of “Relentless sun” will be on British TV (BBC One) January 6, 2018. American release on Hulu is scheduled for March 7.

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