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The release of Golunova has upset the plans of the opposition

The termination of criminal prosecution of the journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunova opposition was not on hand. It would seem that this is what the protesters wanted. However, what really made the opposition a little longer to use this event to organize protests and his own PR. Now in the ranks of the opposition was split.

Some of the “members of the resistance complained that now the need to organize “demonstrations” anymore. For example, Marat Guelman, who has several years of living abroad, expressed this opinion:

Previously Ivan Golunov urged not to come to an unsanctioned rally on June 12. He stressed that the protection of all wrongfully convicted will be held on June 16, on the date of the event agreed.

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This call is even more challenged by some opposition members. All the hype around the release of Golunova has led to the fact that opinions were divided, and the members of the “liberal party” were on different sides of the barricades. Some really do not see the necessity of action in defense of Golunova, the other a stubborn donkey still insisted and took part in an unsanctioned rally.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the opposition was upset by the fact of release of Golunova. Because for them it was a good screen for the organization of protests and chicanery to power. The justice completely confused the opposition all the cards. Here is what the Director of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin:

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We will remind, the correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov was arrested on 6 June in Moscow. He was suspected of trade in narcotic substances. The incident caused a wide resonance. The public managed to attract the attention of the authorities to the inconsistencies in the case. As a result, the Minister of the interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev drew on this case note. After a series of examinations that proved the innocence of Golunova, the prosecution was discontinued. The journalist was released and cleared him of all charges.

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