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The Rehabilitation Robot Improves Neurological Patients’ Quality Of Life

KinisForo company introduced its revolutionary technology market solution during the last decade when patients with motor impairments as a result of brain injury or neurological disorders were given no hope to recover.

The revolutionary robot based on the K-Set method was specifically developed in order to rehabilitate stroke patients and patients with cerebral palsy and other spinal injuries, by significantly improving their quality of life.

Prior to the development of the K-Set method, researchers and neurologists in the field of rehabilitation had no promising technological innovations for those patients, but a great deal of knowledge gained over the last few years has shown that the human brain has amazing capabilities of flexibility and brain plasticity.

The ongoing research of brain plasticity and multiple research findings indicate that brain plasticity allows us to recover from various neurological disorders.

The surprising flexibility of the human brain

The brain scientists found that the human brain knows how to adapt in response to external stimulation.

Our nervous and brain systems vary both structurally and functionally, in as a response to performing certain actions, enabling the flexibility of the brain to be harnessed in favor of movement rehabilitation.

How does the K-Set method take advantage of brain plasticity?

The method underlies the idea of ​​repeating certain actions (exactly the same way over and over again), which assimilates the patient’s brain with vocal memory, and regains the motor abilities lost due to the motor impairment.

What are the advantages of the K-set method over others?

Sometimes you have to admit that something just doesn’t work right!

So far, the traditional methods have made only minor improvements in patients’ quality of life after neurological injury. This is due to the accepted practice of neurological rehabilitation until a few years ago. The practitioners’ view of the human brain was that the human brain lacks the ability to make new connections between the brain cells, which are necessary for patient’s neurological rehabilitation.

The study conducted in 2019, at a hospital in Flanga, Lithuania included about twelve patients showed evidence that the K-Set method obtained much better rehabilitation results than the traditional methods that have been practiced in the neurological rehabilitation field so far. Patients who worked with the rehabilitation robot, and used the K-SET method demonstrated significantly better improvements in all aspects compared to patients that were not treated using the method above.

The Kinisi Foro Rehabilitation Robot is suitable for many patients including those who have brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy or other neurological disorders.

The company offers the rehabilitation robot to the individuals to work with the robot in their home, as well as to hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

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