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The regulator has approved the merger “Yandex.Taxi” and Uber

The Federal Antimonopoly service on the consideration of all aspects of the merger “Yandex.Taxi” Uber has given the nod to carry it out. While both companies have a certain requirement – the conditions that they have to follow to get the desired result.

FAS requires “Yandex.Taxi” by Uber and compliance with conditions of healthy competition in the market, as well as the security of passenger transportation, as well as the safety of drivers. FAS is concerned that two major players together – it could undermine the balance in the transportation market, but so far that has not happened. The agreement between the two companies has been signed and after fulfilling all of its conditions, the businesses will be merged in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Users will be able to work in the application “Yandex.Taxi” Uber – they will remain free to access, and drivers will unite in a common platform. This approach is advantageous and passengers, and drivers is first to get more free cars and less time waiting, and the second will be able to order and will be able to reduce the time of idle run. Another condition, the FAS has become a mandate, according to which both parties of the transaction do not have to set restrictions on work with other aggregators of passenger traffic, neither for partners nor for drivers. Of course, this extends to the clients themselves – if they don’t like the service “Yandex.Taxi” Uber, they will have the opportunity to use the service from competitors.

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