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The regime is going against history

Режим идет против истории

The Putin majority is falling apart — so says a research group of Sergei Belanovsky, who once predicted the “Bolotnaya” protests. Judging by the polls, the credibility of the authorities has drastically fallen due to the pension reform and of the measures taken during the pandemic COVID-19, and increased the number of those who are willing to participate in protests, and those who believe that they will be.

It is good that more people understand the real situation in the country and to lay the personal responsibility for this huge, growing crisis in Vladimir Putin. Mode goes against history and time itself, trying to keep Russia in their hands. Our society has long outgrown it and is dragging along like a dead weight.

Soon we’ll get a chance to pull up officials and remind them who really owns the country and what the people want. I believe that the citizens of our beautiful country will no longer tolerate tyranny, lawlessness and injustice.

Andrei Pivovarov, the Director of Open Russia


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