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The record of Ukrainian pensioners struck the whole world

Рекорд украинских пенсионеров поразил весь мирRelay ninety four athletes enshrined in the International swimming Federation.

In Zaporozhye four swimmers set a world record in the relay four by one hundred meters.

Striking age category record holders, whose average age is 90 years.

George Chizhevsky from Nikolaev will soon be 93. He is the champion of Europe and world among the swimmers, which are more than 90 years. Together with colleagues George decided to set another world record. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It should be noted that relay four swimmers ninety — unique. Since this was not yet in any country of the world. Together with George Chereskin launched a 93–year-old George Trump, 90–year-old Vitalii Lysiak and 86–year-old Anatoly Nalivkin.

The very distance, namely 400 meters, the old Champions overcame 10 minutes and 56 seconds. After the finish of the swimmers have shared the secrets of sports longevity.

“In 1986, retired. And since then do. Quit drinking, quit Smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle,” — said the swimmer–the champion Anatoly Nalivkin. The organizers note that every event for swimmers–veterans — as a holiday and meeting up with old friends.

World record Ukrainians recorded according to the rules of the International swimming Federation, and soon it should appear in its registry. Also a unique achievement attempt to make the Guinness Book of records.

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