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The recipe for affordable homemade drink for healthy joints

Рецепт доступного домашнего напитка для здоровья суставовEvery day our knees are subjected to enormous loads.

It is quite natural that with age the tendons and ligaments of the knee joint become less flexible and less mobile, there are discomfort and pain when walking.

Due to various negative factors, primarily poor eating habits, reduced production and viscosity of synovial fluid (lubrication) in the joints, cartilage suffer, and this is a direct road to degeneration. How to strengthen joints Oatmeal drink, which proposes to test a “So easy!”, useful for anyone who suffers from problems with his knees. The remedy increases the production of lubrication in the knees, increases its quantity and improves the elasticity of the ligaments in the joint, which significantly affects mobility and activity. In addition, this cocktail is extremely nutritious and has excellent taste, so it’s perfect as a hearty Breakfast or dinner.

INGREDIENTS 250 ml water 50 g rolled oats 100 ml orange juice 1 tbsp chopped nuts 1 tbsp honey cinnamon to taste

COOKING Of water and cereal prepare oatmeal. While it cools, mix orange juice with cinnamon, honey and nuts. Add the aromatic mixture to the oatmeal, blend everything in a blender. A cocktail rich in substances that contribute to the normalization processes in the body and is responsible for the production of synovial fluid.

After 2 weeks you will notice changes: to move will be much easier, and in the figure this food will have a positive impact!

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