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The reasons for the development of cardiac ischemia in men

Причины развития ишемии сердца у мужчинThe doctors said, what the male part of society developing coronary heart disease.

Recent cases referred to the cardiology men with complaints of the heart became much more than ever. The worst thing is that some types of coronary heart disease develops without symptoms. As we know, the lack of treatment of a disease may not only lead to complications and to death. It is therefore very important to know all about your health, and it can be done through the annual examination by particular specialists.

Ischemia of the heart affects not only men but also women. However, degradation and side effects of coronary heart disease more often observed in men, and all because they, unlike the opposite sex, don’t trust doctors and don’t even try to follow their recommendations in most cases.

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There are several reasons for the development of cardiac ischemia in men and they need to know to be able to avoid them in their lives and do not know of heart problems:

1. Atherosclerosis. Clogged blood vessels cholesterol plaques cause the blood circulation is disrupted and the heart does not enter the blood, rich with oxygen, vitamins and minerals, in full. As a result of this serious violation of may develop coronary artery disease. To avoid this, it should not prevent atherosclerosis, and it is: eat foods low in cholesterol regularly maintain and clean your blood vessels with the help of herbal concoctions and natural products with this property as a natural cleansing and elimination of toxins from the body.

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2. Hypertension. From the first glance it may seem that hypertension is not too dangerous, but actually because it can hypertrophy the heart muscle that in the end will lead to serious consequences.

3. Pathology of the heart. A wrong functioning of the heart and blood vessels may cause the development of various heart diseases.

4. Sport. As incredible as it sounded to athletes, but those men who torture themselves in the gym, you risk to have certain health problems. One such problem is ischemia of the heart. Of course, sports are important and we should address it, but within reason and under the supervision of professional trainers.

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