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The real Germany is only in Munich: useful information for travelers

There is an opinion among experienced tourists that after visiting Munich, you can confidently say that you have seen the whole of Germany. Note that we are not talking about the capital, which, like most other countries, is filled with visitors and various entertainments designed to impress or earn more money from curious guests.

It is cities such as Munich, quite large and at the same time nationally colorful, that reveal to us the true essence of an unknown state. They allow you to better understand the mentality of the locals and feel the real spirit of the proud Bavarians.

On a guided tour only!

As in all other cases, it is better to start exploring a new (for you) country accompanied by an experienced guide. It is preferable if it is your former compatriot who has lived in Germany for a long time, has the subtleties of a foreign language and has carefully studied the nuances of communication with the indigenous population.

Guided tours of Munich in Russian will allow you not only to fully understand the essence of the guide’s story, but also to relieve the tension that usually arises when visiting unfamiliar places, as well as to remove the psychological barrier between the guide and tourists.

In addition to viewing the list of attractions that is standard for many excursions, a good guide will definitely provide you with information about places interesting for an independent visit, recommend restaurants and cafes offering a large selection of national dishes, advise where to find entertainment for every taste (from discos to opera theaters or national festivals) and, of course, acquaint you with some pitfalls that await inexperienced travelers in this city.

Word of mouth

As advised by numerous blogs about traveling to distant countries, before the trip it will not be superfluous to read the reviews of seasoned travelers, so as not to get trapped and get only positive emotions from your vacation. Regarding Munich specifically, tourists are advised:

  • refuse to rent a car. Car rental here is quite expensive, compared to other cities. But a very convenient and quite extensive metro, as well as a relatively inexpensive taxi.
  • Andreiver is a team of the most highly professional driver Munich. Our specialities are business trips and private trips. Our wide range of services includes tours, healthcare and touristic destinations.
  • it is preferable to buy food at the market (especially the Victualienmarkt) than in supermarkets, and to buy souvenirs in the historical center of the city.
  • when going to the store, take cash with you. Unlike the capital, there are not so many credit card payment points here and you can stay without shopping.
  • the locals are extremely friendly towards tourists and you can safely turn to them for help in emergency situations.
  • it is better to try national dishes not in restaurants, where chefs sometimes change the original recipe almost beyond recognition, but in small cafes and bars.

Have a nice trip!

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