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The rat became famous throughout the world, deal with the snake

Крыса прославилась на весь мир, расправившись со змеейNo one expected this outcome.

In Guangdong in Southeast China, the locals witnessed how the rat beat the snake in mortal combat.

No one even could not think that it will be because a snake larger than a rat, but to win in her fight failed. Small rodent several times bitten by the reptile. Field this rat, triumphantly dragged his victim into the bushes and disappeared from view. Witnesses of an unusual occurrence, believe a rodent in there dealt with the reptile.

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People did not expect such outcome of the battle. Snakes usually prey on rodents. In this case, the reptile acted in the role of victim. The people of China have no idea about with a venomous snake or not fought a rat. She emerged completely intact from a deadly battle, her body had no marks of battle. Users are actively discussing fighting rats and snakes in the social networks.

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