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The question arose about the non-recognition of Russia, Lukashenko’s victory in the elections

In the state Duma called on to separate the Man from Belarus

Early elections of the President of Belarus after the election campaign can become the most scandalous in the history of the country. Belarusian independent observers are not allowed into polling stations, and observers from Russia and the OSCE do not have to invite under the pretext of coronavirus. As a result, the transparency of the upcoming elections is a big question, and with it the legitimacy of the elected in such a situation the President.

Встал вопрос о непризнании Россией победы Лукашенко на выборахPHOTO: PRESIDENT.GOV.BY. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled the country for the past 26 years, says that elections will be fair and calls upon the CEC’s “not sweating” about the protests of the opposition. Meanwhile, the state Duma reminded that Lukashenka is not the whole of Belarus.

Встал вопрос о непризнании Россией победы Лукашенко на выборах

Lukashenko rival in the presidential election of Svetlana Tikhanovski urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to influence Lukashenko that he organized in the country of fair elections. The presidential candidate of the country Andrey Dmitriev believes that the meaning of the vote is only on 9 August, and before that everything is all rigged.

The logic in all of this is indeed present. Already there are reports that in many areas of independent observers were not allowed to perform their duties.

They are generally forbidden to enter the areas, some not allowed to even outside the gates of the school.


Second, members of electoral commissions are doing is obvious to all wrap appearance. In some cases, even on the first day of early voting was recorded a turnout of 15%, from which we can conclude that even before August 9, he will vote 100% of voters or more. In the end, public opinion polls paint Lukashenko around 80% support, then somehow similar figures will need to announce after the election.

Because of video surveillance on polling stations no, and the ballot box is opaque, in principle, no difficulties of fraud can not occur. Is that have the decency to wait for the night to strangers under the feet do not interfere.

By the way people already see on some sites for early voting at night, lights on. Although after 23 ballot boxes sealed and out of rooms. But obviously at night there is some kind of work.

Into the hands of Lukashenko played and coronavirus. Under the pretext of a pandemic, the head of the CEC of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina said that could not provide security to the foreign observers, so it is the office of anyone from abroad to invite did not. In response, the Belarusians began to joke that aliens really costs to travel in their country, as they may accidentally wander into a mass entertainment event organized on the occasion of the re-election of Lukashenko.

The observers agreed by the foreign Ministry of Belarus, but they only invited two international mission composed of 219 people, of whom 174 have CIS structures. According to the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev, among them are the Russians, however, in what amount and on whom it is referred, is not known.

However, the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova says that the neighbors did not call to his Russian observers, and they will not go. She stressed that in connection with the actions (or rather inaction) Lukashenko on the coronavirus, the CEC has the right to put the lives of their employees at risk.

Russian representatives from the OSCE, too, will not go to Belarus, because although I got the invitation, but too late. Does this mean that Russia can not recognize a sixth re-election of Lukashenko as President of Belarus, “MK” has learned from the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and compatriots Konstantin Zatulin.

The coronavirus can’t be the reason why the Russian observers will not be on these elections, – said Zatulin. – As you know, the fight against COVID-19 acquired in Belarus absolutely unique Belarusian style. In particular, infection is not an obstacle for the Victory parade, and so on.


The decision of the authorities of Belarus due to the fact that the Russians can call a spade a spade. But in any case, it was an invitation or not, I believe that in the current environment to send to Belarus official group of observers from the election Commission or the authorities of Russia, for example, from the Parliament, it is impractical. All that has happened in this election campaign, cannot serve as proof that this is all real elections.

Some presidential candidates were arrested, some fled the country, cameras are not present, the number of observers decreased… as a result, observers will have to either to turn a blind eye, and I do not want, or they will declare their position and plucked the stream of insults and accusations in his address on the theme of how Russia is trying to challenge fair elections honest Lukashenko.

– In the future this may mean that Moscow does not recognize the elections Lukashenko?

It means freedom of action for our government in determining its behavior after the election. Let’s look at how the people and political forces of Belarus will respond to the voting results. Most likely, Lukashenka will remain in power, so Moscow will have to maintain contact with him. However, de jure and de facto is in diplomacy are two big differences.

– What do you think, after 9 August, Lukashenko will pretend that Russia is still an ally and not a partner of Minsk, and he’ll get away with it?

– He tries to pull the story on the brakes. But we must do everything to ensure that he was to teach to behave in a similar way. However, it’s not how Lukashenko will behave, and how we handle ourselves and Belarus. Because everything that is made for Lukashenko, he did for one purpose – to suppress any protests against the election that was held more contagious than as a chronicle of a death foretold.

From the point of view of psychology it was interesting to see how Lukashenka during his last treatment all the time opposed themselves to the people. The state is Lukashenko, and the rest must obey him, or step aside. This communication style absolute monarchs.

So now Russia must exist Lukashenko and other Belarus?

– Of course. Russia must behave pragmatically. I do not call to any unilateral action that Lukashenko could be used to the detriment of the Russian-Belarusian relations. But I believe that the honor and dignity of citizens of Russia and Russia itself was intact, so whoever did it, needs to understand the gravity of the consequences. For example, if Belarus will gather on the square, Lukashenko will remain with her one on one.

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