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The quality of Russian oil fell sharply, the Europeans are planning to give it up

Качество российской нефти резко упало, европейцы планируют от нее отказываться

The quality of Russian oil Urals has fallen sharply. As reported by several interlocutors of Reuters, export brand of oil passing through the Druzhba pipeline, often does not meet the standards. The reason for this is greatly increased indicators of sulfur in the raw materials supplied Russian German, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian refineries. According to the level of sulfur increased by 0.15% in comparison with the average of the previous year.

Problems are seen in the Maritime supply of Urals. The level of sulphur in them is in the normal range, but dramatically increased levels of density — with an acceptable upper limit in 873,5 kg per cubic meter at 15 degrees, a higher proportion of 877,7 — 878,3 kg/cubic meter. Representatives of the European companies did not rule out that in the case of long-term deterioration of the quality of oil they will be forced to demand lower prices for Urals to limit purchases of Russian oil.

An anonymous source informed Reuters that the problem can be solved by connecting to the new oil fields, but their commissioning was delayed because of the transaction Russia with OPEC, according to which the Russian company has cut oil production by 300 thousand barrels per day. Under this agreement, Russia has redirected large amounts of its oil to China. The official representative of “Transneft” Igor Dyomin has informed that “complaints from end customers has not yet been reported,” and said that the indicators of sulfur and density are within the “national standards”.

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