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The Python programming language will make it more tolerant

Язык программирования Python сделают более толерантным Some function words can someone hurt.

The Creator of the Python programming language Guido van Rossum announced that the language will remove the words of the master (“master”) slave (“slave”) for reasons of political correctness.

Decision van Rossum was preceded by a discussion among the developers of the language: some of them believed that these words associated with slavery and inequality, while others stressed that it is only a well-established terms that have nothing to do with approval of slavery, and also noted that the change could lead to the violation of backward compatibility.

The changes will come into force in the version of Python 3.8. The terms master and slave will be replaced by the parent/main/server (the”parent”/”master”/ “contractor”) and child/worker (“child”,”employee”).

In 2014, the terms master and slave was removed from the Django framework based on Python. They were replaced by leader (“leader”) and a follower (“follower”).

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