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The Punisher – the music of Tyler Bates

Tyler Bates – one of the most sought-after composers of film and TV in Hollywood #pryamoseychas. And one of the most “omnivorous”. Tyler takes whatever work he is writing the music for big-budget blockbusters like “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and modest low-budget horror from independent producers (“7500”, for example, or a recent Experiment “the Office”). No stranger to Mr. Bates to compose music for TV series (“Salem”).

And when you consider that the specific style of Tyler involves a rather rigid, close to metal and industrial sound – it was just the perfect candidate for the post of composer show the Punisher (The Punisher) brutal John Bertalot in the title role.

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For whom the character “the Punisher” is not familiar – recall the brief synopsis of this story:

After Frank castle’s family was killed during a firefight several of the gangs of new York, he decides to take revenge and begins to hunt for the criminals of the city. In the underworld he became known as the Punisher.Cm. also:

Some excerpts from the upcoming “Punisher”

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