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The psychologist told about the positive sides of marriage

Психолог рассказал о позитивных сторонах бракаThe expert told about the changes that need to happen with the couple.

Stay in a romantic relationship makes sense only if they motivate you to become better and to move on. The marriage must motivate to self-development.

This was reported by the psychologist Ekaterina Melnikova.

“Many people mistakenly believe that marriage and romance have to make them full and happy. In fact, choosing the right partner, you should get a sense of security and motivation for self-improvement,” – said the expert.
According to E. Melnikova, need to very clearly define the boundary between when your partner tries to motivate the steel better and when he wants you to redo it.

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“This face, in fact, very clear: you want to be better not only for the love of your second half, and for himself. For example, when you are asked to lose weight is to try to make you another person, and when together with you are recorded to the gym, because I want to be healthy is motivation for development. If between a man and a woman really psychologically healthy relationship, then talk about the fact that someone has to quit work or less to give her time to not be. Respect each other partners are the realization each other up as their own, and, therefore,will be to help each other and support in this difficult path, rather than trying for self-actualization at the expense of another”, – added the expert.

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The psychologist also stressed that the couple should only focus on the good qualities of each other, not on shortcomings. This attitude will encourage an atmosphere of respect and trust, which gives people a subconscious feeling of security, and, therefore, it is much easier to succeed, because the body will no longer need to concentrate on defense.

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