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The psychologist advised married couples to watch “House-2” to save his marriage

The TV project “Dom-2” was originally created to connect lonely hearts. Indeed, on the show, many of the participants found their second half and even played a wedding and having children. But now the society the project is perceived as immoral shows that promote violence and promiscuity. “Dom-2” and its members have been subjected to daily criticism, however, the rating of the project is only growing.

Family psychologist and journalist Evgeny Volt believes that the controversial project could be useful. According to him, “the House-2” performs a socially useful function, it is a “domestic incubator” in which to observe behavior patterns of men and women — both civilian and marriages.

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“Dom-2” is a good rehearsal place for family and interpersonal conflicts: the project will Housewives learn, whether they like it or not, to observe, to try a particular behavior. And that’s what they see: endless decay pairs, arguments, discussions, fights, scandals and “frontal whipping”. At some point, the spectators decide to interfere less, and even not fight at all. They looked at a particular conflict, saw themselves, and discussed on the principle of the teleconference is “island meadow” with a friend on the phone all the disadvantages of family life, built a dialogue with her husband on the model of the tete-a-tete, forgave myself, husband, child, dog and this scratched the pan that started it all, and … calmed down,” said Volt in an interview

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Eugene believes the most important thing that the viewer makes this a multi-year epic, so that’s how not to build relationships.

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