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The protector of the Town told about the situation at the front. Video

Защитник Авдеевки рассказал о ситуации на фронте. ВидеоFighter ATO told about how the militants do not comply with the “bread truce” in the Donbas.

Fighters fire at positions of ATO forces in the Donbass, despite the “bread peace”. However, according to the military, which keep the defense near Avdeevka, the intensity of the enemy fire diminished.

This reports the press center of staff ATO, who published the video “Military TV of Ukraine”.

“It is noteworthy that the shelling was less, but still they come. Yesterday, for example, (the militants) have worked with RPG, machine guns they always work. Especially in the evening, at night and during the day more or less quiet. Plus yesterday there were 5 parishes 120-mortars,” – said the soldier of the APU with the call Richard.

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“When they run out of mortars, we’re hiding. We don’t even answer, because we have a truce. When there is a threat, a real threat to life, then take appropriate decisions”, – said the fighter.

Zahisnik Advi about “HLA premir I”

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Nashi armic not pdates on woroz provokes, however – Razi wintenna zagrozi chromo the life, zalyshyty him the right to adekvatnu answer.

Posted by the Press center of the ATO headquarters on 27 June 2017 R.

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