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The Prosecutor spoke about the “war” between SAP and NABOO

Генпрокурор рассказал о «войне» между САП и НАБУGuide NABOO decided to fight against all who asks the awkward questions, says the attorney General.

Between the heads of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik and Special anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Holodnenkim there is a war. On Thursday, September 27, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

“I would not want to be the person that evaluates their activities in public, but (…) this sector of the law enforcement system is in an emergency situation,” he said.

Lutsenko noted the success of the General Prosecutor’s office: for half a year is 2200 sentences for corruption, arrested more than 10 thousand people, the court referred more than 6 thousand cases.

“The same questions I asked would report SAP and NABOO. How many sentences – of course, they will be less, because it is high-ranking corruption which is harder to fight but in three years would have to be 20, 50, 10? They are not… Instead of an honest dialogue, including an explanation of the reasons the leadership of the NAB chose a method of war against all who asks uncomfortable questions. The initiation of criminal proceedings against anyone who did not like their leadership. This NACP, the interior Ministry, SBU, PGO, and now SAP,” said he.

Lutsenko noted that it is not in the criminal cases, and that before the presentation of suspicion unfolds propaganda against a particular official.

“The bad thing is that there are no results, because the leaders of SAP and NAB do not communicate among themselves. Moreover – are full-time and part-time war between them”, – Lutsenko declared.

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