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The proposed method is the detection of extraterrestrial civilizations

Предложен способ обнаружения внеземных цивилизацийScientists spoke about the activities of alien civilizations.

Scientists from the Belgrade astronomical Observatory (Serbia) spoke about the activities of alien civilizations, the manifestations of which mankind could discover today. Preprint published on the website

In their paper, the astronomers tried to enumerate the ways in which alien civilizations might use to protect against global space threats, in particular, flashes of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts. Inhabitants of other worlds, according to researchers, the limits of our own planetary system may host different astroengineering structures.

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They will reduce the risks associated with the negative effect of ionizing and intense electromagnetic radiation and are likely to resemble objects like Dyson spheres.

The area got its name in honor of the American physicist Freeman Dyson and, according to the author, may be created a highly developed civilization for the accumulation of the energy of its star. If man created such an object, the radius of the sphere would be equal to one astronomical unit.

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