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The promo photo of the new season of “the Walking dead”

Before returning to the screens of the Walking Dead series remains less than a month, and now we can look in the faces of those who survived the zombie Apocalypse. However, survive these lucky ninth season is another matter.

At our disposal was a stack of promotional photos with the heroes of the show. Someone we know from the first series, without someone it’s really hard to imagine, but someone just started to take the leading roles. And if you follow the news in the Area of Horror, you probably know one of these guys (and girls) will soon have to say goodbye. But they are all in line and are waiting for new trials.

The official synopsis of the ninth season:

Viewers will see survivors six months after the end of the war. This time of relative peace between the communities; under the leadership of Rick’s people are rebuilding civilization, working together, looking back to the past to build the future. But the world they knew is changing rapidly, destroyed buildings, nature takes over, changing the landscape and creating new challenges for survivors.
Over time, communities are faced with unexpected obstacles, dangers and, of course, with the walking, but nothing can prepare them for the meeting with terrible force that threatens the very idea of civilization.

We even know what they call that terrible power: a whispering around me. People wearing the skin of the dead living among them, and know how to manage herds of zombies. In General, characters are not to be envied. I wonder what will come of all this.

“The walking dead” is back on air from 7 October 2018.

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