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The Project Yandex.Pictures closes

Russian Internet giant Yandex reported a very imminent closure of one of their old projects, the existing several years. Fortunately, this will not affect popular services – in the Fly will sink Yandex.Pictures, now happily forgotten by almost all.

The closing date of the project Yandex.Pictures – April 27 this year, after which all downloaded content will be automatically transferred to Disk. The developers have promised to keep all user photos – they will simply move to other servers. As before, photos can be edited or sent to others. The Project Yandex.Pictures was established in 2007, and at first he used an incredibly high demand.

However, over time its popularity waned, and in the last year 100% of service users remained active for only 5% – others have opted for the same Drive and social networks. The decline in the popularity effect and the weak functionality of the Gallery – in particular, they, unlike the Drive, you cannot upload a photo from your smartphone. Users Of Yandex.Pictures can go on the Drive today without waiting for April 27 – on the main page of the project need only press a button “to Move to Yandex.CD”.

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