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The project of the century: the owner of the Amazon began to build an eternal clock

Проект века: владелец Amazon начал строить вечные часы The businessman has spent the past several years on assembling.

AMAZON founder Jeff Bezos will spend £ 30 million on construction hours in the mountain. According to the project developers, this watch will have to go at least 10 thousand years and throughout this period show the exact time.

SuperCab idea was proposed back in 1995 by inventor Danny Hillis, however, he had neither a building permit nor the allocated land n million Bezos.

Team Bezos has spent the past several years on assembling and drilling in one of the Texas mountains hole, in which the device is inserted.

“It began the installation: it is 500 feet in height, fully automatic, equipped with a day/ night and thermal cycles that are synchronized with the lunar calendar and is a symbol of long-term thinking,” Bezos wrote in her Twitter and said, “10 000-year clock together with the genius of Danny Hillison, Xander rose and the entire team that worked on them”.

In hours will also be installed chimes that will sound in a unique order to create every 24 hours. It is planned to install, in addition, five “anniversary cameras” with animation. In the first year the chamber presents a model of our solar system, followed by a 10-year, 100-year, 1000-year and 10,000-year-old animation that has yet to come up. Moreover, every 100 years, of the hours will fly like a cuckoo.

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