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The Professor shared the effective recipe for reducing blood pressure

Профессор поделился эффективным рецептом снижения артериального давленияA homemade elixir against high pressure is Aronia Aronia.

This berry is able to reduce blood pressure to normal and maintain it in this condition for a long time.

Aronia the Aronia can be taken with hypertension and 1 and 2, in both cases, the berry effectively helps eliminate the problem of high blood pressure.

In addition, the substances included in the composition of fruits of chokeberry, effectively strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which is very important for the cardiovascular system.

Professor V. Melik-Guseinov told a few simple recipes from chernoplodku that may be useful to anyone who suffers from hypertension and a sharp pressure spikes up.

Recipe No. 1

You need 2 tbsp berries of chokeberry, pour two cups of boiling water and let stand for half an hour. Then you need to drink this infusion in 2/3 Cup 3 times a day spared meals for 20 minutes. This chokeberry infusion can quickly restore blood pressure and eliminate the symptoms of hypertension.

Recipe No. 2

From the fruits of Aronia berries should squeeze the juice and drink it half a Cup twice a day for 14 days. Consumption of fresh chokeberry juice will stabilize the pressure and prevent the development of atherosclerosis, so the course of taking this drink should be repeated several times a year.

It is strictly forbidden to use Aronia for those who have a stomach ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer, gastritis and poor blood clotting.

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