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The Professor called the root cause of the problems with the Ukrainian language

Профессор назвал основную причину проблем с украинским языком Michael Moser spoke on the important issue.

A lot more people in the world would study and popularization of the Ukrainian language, if the population of the country would be Ukrainian.

This opinion was expressed by Professor of linguistics, Institute of Slavonic studies of Vienna University, President of the International Association of Ukrainists Michael Moser.

“On the one hand, this is understandable. Just because Russian language is objectively “the greatest”, that is, the largest number of speakers. But on the other hand, who is responsible for the fact that so few Ukrainian? Excuse me, I think it is responsible for the Ukrainians. If Ukraine were Ukrainian-speaking, it probably would have been much more Ukrainists. Because when Ukraine will create a language situation when it is necessary to know the Ukrainian language, people, of course, will be to study the Ukrainian language for various reasons,” explained the Professor.

“I’m not judging. I understand that it is connected with the past. Of course, this is a specific post-Soviet phenomenon, but is time to change”, he added.

According to Moser, under the influence of the teachers many students choose ukrainethese way.

He also called strong centers of Ukrainian studies in the world.

“In North America is the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian studies in Edmonton, Toronto, and at Harvard Institute of Ukrainian studies. These centres are associated with a particular history of the Ukrainian community there. And in Europe, small centers,” he said.

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