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The profession emerged with the development of artificial intelligence

Названы профессии, появившиеся благодаря развитию искусственного интеллектаAccording to a report by consulting company Glassdoor, thanks to artificial intelligence today appear a new profession.

In the research by Glassdoor Economic Research, which deals with the analysis of the labour market, says that thanks to the boom in the field of AI there are new jobs.

Some of the specialty existed before, for example, programmers in the field of AI, scientists working with big data, and project managers. AI coders preside over all lists of the most in demand professions today they make up 11% of all new jobs.

However, there are new, “unexpected” profession not related to programming. For example, copywriters who write the text for bots and other dialog interfaces, as well as journalists who write about AI. A new market of smart devices for the home with virtual assistants has made profession of a designer. For production of similar devices on the market needed a marketing and technical Directors. In addition, popular are the lawyers for the protection of intellectual property.

According to the study, the companies that hire people for new positions in the U.S. today are Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, and IBM, although the list also includes insurance company Wells Fargo.

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