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The producers of the film adaptation of Duke Nukem: “It will be a fun spectacle”

In January, Zou learned that Paramount and Platinum Dunes has put into development an adaptation of the iconic gaming franchise, “Duke Nukem”. It’s time! In addition, the main role in the film called star WWE John Cenaand, therefore, certain ideas and hopes for the project’s creators are already available.

In what direction development at the moment? Asked producers of the future, Andrew Form and Bradley fuller. Those reiterated already known information and told us a bit about his expectations.

Yes, at the moment we are working on “Duke Nukem”. It needs to be done in a certain way. How can we ask the same mood asked in his film Deadpool? In my opinion, we just have to do the same, and if we fail, then no movie.

A fun and lively “Deadpool” with “adult” rating is really a good example to follow! This film about Nukem and I would like to see. However, the character creators got difficult:

You know, the movie is quite difficult to make a film about a misogynist who is funny and really cool? With this item, we have now to deal. I hope that everything will work out and will be a really funny sight, because that is the goal.

Indeed, it is not particularly selective in terms Duke – not the typical action hero of our time. However, like Deadpool. We can only hope that his character will not change too much and make him banal action hero, which he according to the original idea have to make fun of and parody.

And the last interesting fact – the picture is still no script!

Yes, we are working with Ryback, he’s in. However, a scenario we do not yet have, so that everything is aligned just at the moment. If he read the script and it is not like it, he can leave the film. But now our hero – it is sin.

Given this situation, we still view the”Duke Nukem” on the big screens. But certain expectations are already emerging, and the sight with proper execution threatens to be really cool. While we await further news, you can look at the art of Nukem Sina, made our old acquaintance BossLogic.

Hearing @JohnCena is confirmed for #DukeNukem
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