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The producer still wants to turn Halloween into a television series

Seriously wants.

New full-length “Halloween” to be released in October 18. Directed by David Gordon green, over the script with him bothered Danny McBride and the film’s Jason bloom, John carpenter and… Malek Akkad is a direct descendent of Mustafa Akkad, the producer of the original film in 1978 and all subsequent sequels.

A few years ago, there were rumors, though on the basis of this franchise can be created television series. It would seem crazy, but it was at the time the TV series “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare Freddy” and MTV not so long ago managed to produce a couple of seasons of TV’s “the Scream”. However, in 2016, Sam Malek Akkad denied these rumors, calling them information “ducks”.

In this context, very funny, now that he says just the opposite. Akkad WANTS this series!

In an interview with our colleagues from B-D, the producer said:

As you know, we’ve considered it, and I definitely want to see what happens.

Moreover, the development of the project in the early stages began long ago:

When we started doing this… It was in development about ten years ago. At that time, we, I think, decided I didn’t want to “eat” the theatrical release. We decided to continue [to work on the “Halloween”] as on the film-event-theatre hire. If the situation deteriorated, we would have looked on TV. And now, as we all know, TV is beyond a movie that surprised everyone, including me.

To be or not to be the killer Michael Myers in this potential TV series?

The option that we have studied, which I still think is very powerful – there he was. Honestly is all I can say about it. [The series] will not be like a traditional film series “Halloween,” but he [Michael Myers] is there, like many other characters, but [in the series] they are used another and a very interesting way.

Of course, all this may be idle chatter on the wave of hype around the new full-length Halloween movie. But Akkad seems more than serious:

I’d like to tell you more, but now we are carefully examining this (…) let’s first Just get across the finish line with it [the new full-length “Halloween”], right now this is the main task. We were accompanied by a tailwind, everything seems fine. But we began to talk about something else, we must finish with this [film].

What say you, friends-horrorman? Would you like to see the series on “Halloween”?

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