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The producer spoke sharply about touring in the Crimea celebrities

Продюсер резко высказался о гастролирующих в Крыму знаменитостяхAnatoly Weslawski gave a Frank interview.

Russian musicians should not be allowed into Ukraine with the concerts after they visited Russia annexed the Crimea.

About it on air “Columnist.LIVE” said the musician, producer of music projects and festivals Anatoly Vexlarsky.

“If they broke the law of Ukraine and in the Crimea, disregard for treating this problem, it is not necessary to start up in Ukraine. If now there is a war between the two countries. War”, – he stressed.

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The producer also believes that self-respecting Ukrainian artists don’t go to concerts on the Peninsula.

“If people went to play in Crimea after Crimea decided that he does not want to be Ukraine, let’s for a moment believe that the majority of Crimeans are acknowledged that do not want to be Ukraine. Even then, I wouldn’t go. Well not Ukraine and Ukraine”, – he said.

According to Vexliarskaia, the problem of these musicians is that their product is not in demand in the rest of the world.

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“There are many countries in the world. Not necessarily to write in Russian, Ukrainian language. You can write music that will be clear. Tchaikovsky wrote without words, but listen to it everywhere. No need to shout: “Oh, what to do, Russia, us, Ukraine or us not”. Write good music that would be perceived by the world and all,” concluded the actor.

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