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The producer of the film adaptation of “Gerald’s Game”: “This is a very promising adaptation”

In September of last year it became known about the plans of the prolific (and very talented!) Director Mike Flanagan to lead the adaptation of the novel of Stephen king’s “Gerald’s Game”. This idea is very bold, considering that almost all the action of the book takes place in one room, and a large part of the plot is inseparably connected not only with action, but with the thoughts of the main character, Jesse. Recall the synopsis of the novel: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In a secluded house on the shore of a forest lake in Maine tragedy. A young woman lost her husband and was left alone, chained to the bed… But her solitude was short-lived. All the fears that she had ever experienced in my life, came back overnight and took possession of secluded, instantly turned into a sinister torture chamber…

According to information from the set, the film was shot in November and is now in the stage of “post-production”. The authors of the portal “Daily Dead” in anticipation of the premiere interviewed producer Trevor Macy, which is very flattering about the upcoming film adaptation. This, however, is not surprising, but I want to believe in the best in fact, and the king praised the draft version of the film, calling it “a frightening, hypnotic, terrifying”. Although who knows what Steve meant by the last term.

Saw a rough cut of Mike Flanagan’s GERALD’S GAME yesterday. Horrifying, hypnotic, terrific. It’s gonna freak you out.
— Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 11, 2017

But what he says about “Gerald’s Game” himself Trevor Macy:

I’m a big fan of the original book, and one of the most significant moments in my career was the demonstration of the final material is Stephen king, after which he praised the film. In my opinion, the main difficulty was that most of the events going on in Jesse’s head. So the main question when you transfer to the screen was “how do you show it with a cinematic point of view?”. We did, though not quite as in the novel, but I’m happy with the result, and, fortunately, Stephen king is also satisfied, so the audience should like.
This is a very promising adaptation in the sense that it uses a non-book way of storytelling. It’s great that king supported us in this direction, even at the stage of writing the script and that it supports our expectations about the future picture.

Well, it is not surprising that the story has changed on the set. Certainly the personality of Jesse, with whom she talked in the book, will gain in the adaptation of physical form to be present in the same room and directly influence the development of events. But this is only speculation, and while we have to hope that Flanagan and this time will not fail and will provide the public a decent adaptation of this excellent (and rather frightening) novel.

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