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The problem with the graphics in MacBook Pro solved at the software level

Internet media for a week trumpeting the problems with the video card in the new MacBook Pro, but Apple is the problem refuses to admit, citing deficiencies in the software from third party developers. However, if you believe one of the top managers of Apple, who spoke with Western journalists, the medicine is ready and is tested in the latest beta version of macOS.

Recall that macOS is just a renamed OS X, not the new operating system for laptops and PCs with Apple symbols on the body. On the website Apple already has a beta version 10.12.2 to install on a MacBook Pro, which supposedly solves the problem with artifacts on the screen during high load on the graphics card. Recall that the defect is manifested in many Apple MacBook Pro and in some cases can reach up to faults without recovery.

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Without recognition of the problem at the official level it is not known how large the scale of what is happening, and it is unclear how many computers were affected, however, the messages in the network about the problems with the video card appear daily, and less of them clearly is not. Recall that the GPU itself is soldered into the motherboard of the laptop and cannot be replaced even in the conditions of service, however, the problem occurs with the built-in processor graphics card. CPU, in fact, also in pan in the motherboard, and its replacement will also result in large financial costs, so Apple decided to eliminate the shortcomings in software.

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