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The problem of choosing a Secretary

Проблемы выбора секретарши

Has not passed also weeks as the business community celebrated Secretary’s Day. But talk about what should be the assistant of the boss is not subside until now.

If you think that the modern Secretary must be slender, thin and long-legged, you are mistaken. Probably, now there is no such position, and is the Executive assistant to the assistant Secretary and even a Secretary.

This is probably by analogy with agriculture… Probably the candidate for this position must strictly comply with not only generally accepted but also the individual requirements of your boss-manufacturer of…

For example, not to look like a call girl or an old hag, and to be nice and helpful employee who not only knows what her boss wants, but as it wants…

By the way, for the employees of the company is that the Secretary should be not only strict, but a kind of transparent barrier so that the boss felt like a stone wall.

And the final touch. The Secretary should always dress for the season. If it’s summer, the obligatory g-string. And in winter, on the contrary, is strict costume allowed the wearing of warm or knitted clothing. But this, to body to freely breathe and it was a pleasure even to see him.

(The secrets of the office)

Sergey Paliy.

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