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The problem is not in the article, and judges

As soon as he slept with the hype around the case Golunova, Putin played back normal, they say, article. (And how many leaks about 12 June, it’s going to soften.) But I do not know, everything is clear.

What is more important. The problem of low doses and the problem of planted drugs are two different issues. Be put in jail for small amounts is stupid and sinful. It’s such a repressive populism. But this one. And to throw drugs is another. There are other contributors, motives, etc. Is a crime law enforcement officers, indicating the measure of arbitrary power vertical.

Alleviate drug article does not really solves the problem. The problem here is not the article, and judges. Judges see perfectly planted drugs in most cases. But still send people to jail. And that is the real crime for which you need to try and plant. And this must be done.

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A society that wants freedom and justice, it seems to me, should seek legal prosecution of two categories of people: judges who make a knowingly unjust sentences, and those who falsificated elections throws the fake ballots and protocols.

If several people will be convicted by the courts for electoral fraud (the particular aunt-uncle, who are engaged at the polls) and a few dozen judges go to jail for knowingly unjust judicial decisions, the costs of these crimes will rise sharply. And it significantly moves the bar of the possible and normal in our lives.

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Because, in essence, a law-based society is a society in which the potential costs of committing a crime is high and illegal is a society in which these costs are low.

And the admission to elections, registration of parties and political competition — they will be solved almost by themselves, if the society will achieve these simple things — the prosecution of the two types of crimes.

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