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The prisoner, “died” in prison, “resurrected” for a couple of hours before opening

Заключённый, «умерший» в тюрьме, «воскрес» за пару часов до вскрытияGonzalo Montoya Jimenez, who is serving a sentence in prison in Spain, was found early this morning in his cell with no signs of life.

The man complained of malaise, and the doctor who made preliminary examination of his body, drew attention to the fact that it seems to have been stiff.

When the doctors gathered in the morgue to do an autopsy Gonzalo, “corpse” suddenly stirred and began to wheeze. Of course, the prisoner was in shock, realizing that he was presumed dead, but still managed to put on his body marking for later dissection. Relatives of the men filed a complaint against prison doctors, because in their view Gonzalo had to look at least three medic, and it so happened that the one just considered him dead, and the rest without looking signed the statement.

On this fact the investigation began, and initially it is assumed that the 29-year-old man was the victim of catalepsy — a condition in which the manifestations of life in the human body slow down so much that it can be mistaken for deceased.

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