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The priest called “rocket abomination” products of the Russian space Agency, falling on Altai village

Священник назвал «ракетной мерзостью» продукцию Роскосмоса, падающую на алтайские сёла

The priest urged, “Roscosmos” to help move the inhabitants of the areas that fall part of the missile.

In the Altai Orthodox priest suggested the Corporation “Rosatom” to be spent on relocation of residents of several mountain villages, caught in the fall ostiaantica parts of carrier rockets with spacecraft launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome. According to the rector of the Barnaul temple in honor of the Iberian icon of the Mother of God Alexander Mikushin, Roskosmos could spend part of the profits from commercial launches. On a recording made by Mikocheni in social networks the day before, drew the attention of the publication “the Taiga.Info”.

“February 7 at 03:42 local time from the Baikonur cosmodrome once again take off the scum, poisoning and destroying everything in its path. Nothing personal, just business. The British pay for the service. “Roscosmos” as the driver, maintains. All excited and happy. Except for residents of Altai, which are falling on my head fragments of the stages with poisonous fuel,” — wrote, in particular, the Minister of the Church, known for its activity in social networks and there having thousands of subscribers.

According to him, for 60 years, “this whole missile is an abomination that poisons and destroys” Altai land. During this time, “Roscosmos” could have, at its expense, to relocate the inhabitants of mountain villages to safe areas of the Altai territory.

“By the way, launches from Baikonur with British satellites will be made once a month throughout the year. This means that iron ingots, taking off from Baikonur cosmodrome, will dump the abomination and uncleanness in the blessed Altai. Lord, save and protect!” — concluded the father Alexander, accompanied by recording images with fragments of spacecraft, discovered in the forest.


The newspaper reminds that in 2019, Roskosmos had to apologize after the statements of the Deputy Minister of environment and tourism of Republic Altai Evgeny Muratova, who spoke of the fragments of spacecraft remaining after their fall in the region. The Corporation stated that it fulfils all its commitments: since 2002 from the consolidation of the Altai-Sayan region the Corporation has taken more than 150 tons of such goods.


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