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The price for the lifting of sanctions: trump wants to offer Russia a nuclear deal

Цена отмены санкций: Трамп хочет предложить РФ ядерную сделку Trump spoke about the possibility of lifting sanctions against Russia in exchange for an agreement on nuclear weapons.

The US President-elect Donald trump in an interview with the British newspaper the Times declared that is ready to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin sanctions relief in exchange for reductions in nuclear arsenals.

Answering the question about a possible deal with Russia, trump said that the issue of nuclear weapons should become a part of, nuclear arsenals must be “very significantly reduced” in exchange for the lifting of U.S. sanctions with Russia.

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Trump said that will start its activity on a post of the President of the United States that will trust Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but it may not last.

He said that just a few weeks after taking office, will offer Britain a “fair” deal to make the country’s exit from the EU “a great thing”. He also invited the Prime Minister Theresa may, immediately after his inauguration to visit the White house.

Trump believes that other countries followed Britain will leave the EU, as the EU is a great damage caused the immigration crisis.

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He also promised to strengthen the U.S. border, including through restrictions on the entry of Europeans, and rigid inspection of all entering the U.S. from countries where the spread of Islamic terrorism.

Trump also criticized U.S. foreign policy, stating that the decision on the invasion of Iraq is probably the worst decision in the history of the country, and in Afghanistan also are bad enough.

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