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The President of Catalonia, faces arrest

Президенту Каталонии грозит арестThe attorney General of Spain admitted the detention of Carles Pokdemon.

The attorney General of Spain, josé Manuel Maza, said that the chief Executive of Catalonia, Carles Pujdeme may be arrested in connection with the possibility of a referendum on independence for the region.

According to the public Prosecutor, the reason for the possible detention and arrest Pokdemon may be improper spending of public funds.

“From the point of view of the law of conditions (for detention Pokdemon – ed.) can occur… This solution is possible in principle, but we have not considered”, – he said.

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We will remind, the government of Catalonia announced the launch of a campaign for independence from Spain, despite sharp criticism from Madrid, who calls it unconstitutional.

September 16, more than 700 Catalan mayors staged a demonstration in Barcelona in support of referendum on independence of Catalonia from Spain. The referendum scheduled on October 1.

20 Sep Madrid took the control over the finances of Catalonia to prevent the use of funds for a referendum on independence.

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In addition, Spanish police raided nine government buildings of Catalonia in the case of the preparation of the referendum on independence and detained 12 officials. Among the detainees “right hand” of the Vice-President of Catalonia Josep Maria Ave.

After the arrests and searches of the representatives of the Catalan government, the inhabitants of the Autonomous region came out to protest.

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