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The presence of the king in the modern world is ridiculous

Наличие царя в современном мире смешно

Amendments to the Constitution of the eternal zero has already entered into force. This follows not only from the procedure for adoption of amendments to the Constitution, but from yesterday’s announcement.

Many lawyers drew attention to the fact that the decree of the President of the directly contradicts the labour code. That’s right: there is a weekend there are holidays. Moving date can the government and the President to introduce a new kind of holidays can not.
To change the date of their fake vote, the President can not, but it has changed.

And on taxes, Putin said (though adding all the time the word “offer”) as an already accomplished fact. And taxes have no relationship to the virus.

It is a different style of management. Authoritarian. The king sitting appeals to people, not paying attention to the laws on Parliament and the reaction of the people, without linking the causes and effects.

What to do with it?

A good lawyer knows that there is a law, and have the right. The right exists regardless of the law. Rights a person is born and lives.

It happens that there is no law, and the right a person has. All of the recommendations of the lawyer, the behavior of the lawyer in conditions of lawlessness should start from the natural rights of man. The right to live, the right to go outside, to Express their opinions, the right to resist unlawful law, the right not to be afraid to participate in elections and so on. This does not negate the use of narrow instruments, which remains with lawyers to submit complaints, claims, refer to the law. Protect your people, your help is still needed.

The mere existence of a king in the modern world funny. They laugh all over Kim Jong-UN, over Berdymukhamedov. And this king needs to be exposed. He can ruin the lives of hundreds of people, it is true, but to silence all he can’t. Opinion of king has changed radically, obviously. The support of the majority, he is not and never will be. He himself knows it, so hurry with amendments.

All you need to do to have his support was even less. To disseminate information, to support independent candidates, to go to meetings (when there is no threat of the virus). To act on the situation, but on the basis of the right to own human dignity.

Ivan Zhdanov, head of the legal Department of the Fund of struggle against corruption

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