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The premiere of the film “Tremors 6”!

Fans of the franchise about Griboedov, hold on. The premiere of the film “Tremors 6” (Tremors 6) will take place only in January 2018.

This was announced by actor Michael gross, the main “star” of the last of the “Trembling earth”. The executor of a role of Burt Gummer wrote on Facebook that Universal will release a direct-to-video picture 30 January 2018.

The plot of the sixth part of Burt and Travis investigate a series of attacks large worms and be in isolated in the tundra research center. Here, Burt begins to suspect that graboid secretly used for military purposes. However, before he could prove his theory, will have to fight for their lives from the poison of graboid in the blood. 48 hours to escape. 48 hours to get the antidote. The problem is that this requires a fresh poison, and therefore will have to extract it from a living graboid…

To brighten up the waiting looking at photos from the set of the film, among which there were also photos from the belly of the underground beast.

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