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The predictable life has become more expensive

Жизнь предсказуемо стала дорожать

The government has adopted a scheme of increase of tariffs for housing and communal services in 2019. Their power will lift twice. In January (1.7%) and July (2.4%). A total of 4.1%. A two-stage increase due to a desire to compensate the management companies, the VAT increase. Earlier, the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin promised not to pass the VAT increase on to end-users of public services and ensured that the indexation of tariffs will not exceed 4%. In fairness it should be noted that, exceeding the promised 4%, the indexation will be lower than the official forecast of inflation at 4.3%.

Rare case, but the government has not done without discussions.

The Ministry of Finance supported the proposal of the Ministry of economy of indexation of tariffs in two phases, and the Federal Antimonopoly service opposed. The head of FAS Igor Artemyev explained his position by the fact that two-thirds of the Russian regions have a rate higher than economic feasibility. One-third of Russian regions rates, by contrast, is low relative to the reference level according to FAS estimates. “For them, the VAT increase is one more trauma: they will not be able to buy reagents will not normally operated, because of this may the water quality to deteriorate, people may hurt to start. Here it is possible to raise two times,” — said Igor Artemyev.

While the government takes care of management companies, debts of the population and entrepreneurs for utilities continue to grow. According to Rosstat, payments for utilities eat up a significant number of families all most of the revenue, and many are not able to pay communal. In 2014, debts of the population for utility payments amounted to 111 billion rubles. In 2015 135.8 billion In 2016 — 270 billion rubles In 2017, according to the Ministry of construction, the debt reached 645 billion. If in 2014 in the Russian courts were 2.1 million cases for the debts for housing and communal services, in 2017 — is already 5.4 million cases.

The devaluation of the ruble, the rise in VAT and other taxes and fees the increasing monopoly of state-owned companies in most sectors and the corresponding compression competition could not lead to acceleration of inflation. The government adds to this the increase in regulated tariffs.

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