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The posters of the horror film “the Void” in itself is a work of art

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Going to show you a wonderful, stylish posters of the film “the Void” (The Void). Don’t know what reaction they may cause you, but personally, I literally “rushing” from the likes of art and design. There is in this oldskula something that I’m also getting modern synth music of style “retro”. Some own aesthetics, which is eerily close to me.

The film itself, judging from what we heard and saw about it, also directly refers to samples of old horror, led to “Something” by John carpenter.

During a routine patrol police officer Daniel Carter finds a deserted road in the middle of an unusual sculpture that is able to suck people’s blood.

We still hope that this movie will somehow reach Russian-speaking audiences, but, alas, no information about the premiere do not have.

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