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The post Alena Vodonaevoy about parenting unleashed a “war” in the Network

Alain Vodonaeva leads an active life in Instagram. The star used to share with the subscribers all the events with her events. This time the post Alena divided the Network into two camps, literally unleashing a real “war”.


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Alain described the situation which drove her to these reflections. Vodonaeva together with a friend had dinner in the restaurant, which was attended by the company with children. The children were left to themselves while adults were busy with the conversation: “In the corner of the table near the window, is a company with children. Correct to say — the parents: they eat and the way children respond, kids run around the restaurant between the tables and yelling. Play. They’re children. In view of their years at 5. One of the small runs at a glass of orange juice in his hands. Well, near whom he had to stumble about the fringe of the carpet? Next to me of course! Baby chin into the floor, the glass at my feet, my pink suede “in the flesh”. Me at the moment shoes cared less because I was scared for the guy’s face. Thank God, nothing happened. I helped him up, examined. No scratches. He ran further” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Alena didn’t go to your parents and tell them what happened. “I can’t understand how much you have to be selfish and irresponsible to allow such a situation. I’m the mom. And mom is super active boy, for a moment. My son also loves to run and make some noise. But we don’t live in the wild jungle, and in society. Where want or not, must comply with the rules, order, respect of others. Let’s start with the fact that it was a restaurant. A public place. Where people come to eat, relax, work or hold casual meetings. Why should we listen to children’s er and flinch at the passing of your herd? Question to parents. Are you not ashamed? Who are you to me to interfere in my life in these situations? And why do you think that you have that right? Why, if you take your children along in public places, you don’t follow them? Why do they behave in the restaurant? I understand that crying babies” — continued Vodonaeva.

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“There are adults that justify like this: “We are your children do not forbid! Our method of education is freedom!“ I congratulate you, this is not freedom, it is anarchy! Your family is growing uncontrolled people, who may have grievously in the future. And with the realities of society and communications and, most of all, personal. The child grows into a man who every time receiving a “no” response will get injured. Your freedom is when the monkey in the jungle, Mowgli grows. You’re a lot of lazy, fixated on themselves and on their interests fools. Turn around! There, at the other end of the restaurant, your baby is almost lost my face and ruined a pair of pink shoes. Praise God Mowgli, he caught me! YOU’RE PARENTS, WELL YOUR MOTHER! And Yes; it is for these lazy egoistical I’m not being dramatic. AXT ***”, — concluded the star.

Some bloggers supported the celebrity, while others believe that you don’t have to worry about involuntary transgression of a small child. And what position you adhere to?

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