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The popular browser will block thousands of sites

Популярный браузер заблокирует тысячи сайтовSymantec incorrectly issued security certificates.

Recently Google Chrome updated to version 69, which significantly changed the design and brought a lot of failures in the browser. But all this is minor compared to what awaits sites that have not updated their certificates.

More than a year ago, Google found that Symantec was incorrectly issued security certificates. Then the company said it will end support for certificates, and the promise will come true immediately after a new release of the Chrome browser. We are talking about certificates issued before June 2016.

According to the specialist on cyber security Scott helm, more than a thousand sites in the Alexa list continue to use the certificates, you have to go to them will be problematic due to security warnings. Among the well-known portals – the official government page of the India and tel Aviv.

But Symantec is not the only, whose certificates will not Chrome. All certificates from Thawte, VeriSign, Equifax, Thawte, and RapidSSL, too, was in the doghouse with the popular browser.

Note that Chrome 70 will continue the work begun by version 69. The design is not all that worried about Google: the company is thinking of significant innovations, for example, about the abolition of the traditional web addresses. What are the “alternative URL” in the company yet do not speak, but recently trying to bury the “www” was not successful – users were very unhappy.

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