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The pool becomes a deadly trap in the trailer for “12 feet deep”

Heroes of horror films often fall into the trap. What to do otherwise and the genre did not exist. Someone gets stuck on the lift in the mountains, some in the steam room saunas, and someone is buried alive in a coffin. With that background you can get a good chamber Thriller – point, the performance does not disappoint. The film “12 feet deep” (12 Feet Deep), also known as “The Deep End”, apparently, should be in the same direction.

So about the plot:

Sisters bree and John are trapped under the sliding cover of the public pool after it closed for the weekend. Here they get into power night cleaning woman Clara, who sees in this situation a good opportunity to solve their problems.

Doesn’t sound too impressive, but looks better. Yes, we’ve got the trailer, and we invite you to read below. The dark pool, a no-win situation, instead of outside help – new problem. Something in this. By the way, it’s hard to escape the Parallels with the film “the Blue abyss”. First, the change of the names and similar final options: “12 Feet Deep” and “47 Meters Down”. Second, water-themed. Thirdly, in both films trapped are sisters. Well, the release of the paintings is scheduled for the same time (plus or minus). How would the shark pool was not.

The film took Matt Eskandaripreviously noted a couple of not particularly notable horror “Victim” and “Game killers”. Sisters played by Nora-Jane noone (“the Descent”, “Descent 2”) and Alexandra Park (“royals”), and the Payne – Diane Farr, flashed a bunch of serials for every taste. Most interesting is that the caste noted and famous Designer – Tobin bell. Perhaps at some point someone wants to play a game with prisoners, and the pool…

They say that the film is based on real events. Believe it or not. To check out it will be June 22, when it will be released on VOD platforms.

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