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The poltergeist case at the British Museum caught on video

Случай полтергейста в британском музее попал на видео The figure moved only when the people turned away in the other direction.

Musical toy clown, possessed considered some time ago was acquired by the Museum of the paranormal things Paranormal Research Haunted Antiques Centre, located in the British city of Leicester (UK).

Musical clown “Bob” stood on a small table in the Museum room along with two similar clowns.

When the figure came to the Museum, it was legendary that if a clown is watching the soul of the deceased boy, who does not like it when we touch his toy.

I was told that if the doll is a bit to budge, soon after that, she will move and she will be in a position in which was originally.

Researchers at the Museum decided to test this legend, and one of the researchers turned clown by 90 degrees and then the doll somehow turned back.

Случай полтергейста в британском музее попал на видео

Then conducted an experiment. The researchers sent a doll camera that was filming her position. Also in the room were installed sensors that measure temperature and vibration. Vibration sensors lit up a few times, with a clown one of the people was not.

After that, the researcher Jason wall went to check and even jumped himself on the floor to see if the figure moves from behind the fluctuations of sex. Then he looked at the figure, and it is not swung, but after a couple of seconds slightly turned and according to Jason it was clearly not the vibrations from the floor.

This moment in the video is not visible, since the figure has covered his own head. But the camera was able to capture the second movement of the figures when the surprised man turned and walked towards the others to tell them what I saw.

When Jason turned away, the camera recorded a clear change of position figures.

According to Jason, he can’t rationalize what I saw and what was caught on tape. He calls it all very strange and encourages other people to try to explain what is happening with the clown. If he moves at the behest of a Ghost or something else.

It is also reported that the musical clown supposedly can itself play the music, as if someone invisible pushes a button on his body. The toy was found in a box of miscellaneous old things.

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