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The polls: 51% of Russians favour the turnover of the party in power

ВЦИОМ: 51% россиян выступают за сменяемость партии власти

Slightly more than half of Russians (51%) believe that the party in power periodically needs to change. This is stated in the research centre and the Institute for the development of parliamentarism “Perfect “United Russia” of the future”, write “Vedomosti”.

37% of respondents said that the ruling party should remain the same. Among those who spoke about the need of change of ruling party, mainly supporters of non-parliamentary parties, the CPRF and the LDPR, the Muscovites, as well as active Internet users. In the “United Russia” turnover of party in power was supported by 25% of respondents.

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Most of Russians believe that the party in power to be an ideology (87%) and increased responsibility to the voters (90%). 80% believe that in the case of an immoral act its members should be punished including expulsion from the party.

General Director VTsIOM Valery Fedorov said that “the time has come the increased demands of citizens to the government”. “In this case the return does not always match their expectations. Arising dissatisfaction is primarily on the government and the party in power, the latter on the President. So the Russians want the updates of the party and its rejuvenation, and most importantly — to work for society, not for myself”,” said he.

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