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The police spoke about the investigation into the attack on journalists in Kiev

Полиция рассказала о расследовании нападения на журналистов в КиевеOne suspect detained.

Militiamen delivered the scene to the police Department of nine people. One of them was identified by the affected journalists had been detained. On Friday, January 25, the press service of the police of Kiev.

Delivered to the site to provide explanations and they conducted investigative actions, including identification.

We will remind, the attack on journalists occurred the night before. The crew that arrived on the illegal sand mining, was beaten and robbed. According to the journalist Novel Boccali, was attacked by “armed young people, which provided the trucks with the loot of mineral resources”.

They damaged an axe the car, used aerosol cans, beat the journalist and took away a bag with money and things.

“At the scene police found nine people who called themselves the guards, and then they were taken to the police Department. They conducted investigative actions, one of them, the victims know the assailant. One man, already detained as article 208 Criminally-the procedural code of Ukraine. Other actions taken after the primary check will be given a legal assessment”, – have informed in police.

In addition, we conducted a search in the territory pointed out by the victims, during which were seized mobile phones of the persons who were there, axe, Mace, two knives, three devices for shooting of rubber bullets with permits, a hunting rifle, a starter pistol of foreign manufacture, ammunition and three cars.

“The victim, who was taken to the hospital, according to health workers, received a traumatic brain injury, burns to mucous membranes of the eyes. After treatment he left the hospital,” added the police.

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