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The police released Didier Marouani, but Philip demands an apology


On 29 November the leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani together with the lawyer Igor Trunov was detained in the building of Sberbank on charges of extorting one million euros from the singer Philip Kirkorov. During the arrest, Didier said that he is the victim. It all started a few weeks ago when Didier suspected that the melody of the song Kirkorov “tough love” is very similar to his earlier creation of Symphonic Space Dream, and accused Philip of plagiarism.

But the next day the police released the Didier and his lawyer with an apology. A criminal case was not initiated. But Philip, along with his lawyer intends to bring the matter to the end — to dismiss all charges with his song “Cruel love”.


Kirkorov in interview said Marouani found themselves in a difficult situation because of the lawyer Trunov, who this summer was deprived of the lawyer status and decided “either to earn money or fame.”


Anything that requires a man from the “offender” Marouani — apology: “the Only thing I feel sorry for you, that’s my song that means so much to me and so dear to me. I want justice to prevail, to apologizing to me!”

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“I do not thirst for blood, I don’t want all of these plantings in jail, million of fines, I need to took his words back. Any, not even the educated musical person, listening to and from two songs, you will understand that anything to do with the song “Cruel love” is a song Marouani. All of these alleged false statements that held any examination and application filed in court, by Maruani and Trunova — all bluff. Today I first time commented on the situation that has been developing for a month. My patience is exhausted,” said the king of pop Philip Kirkorov.


The leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani immediately after leaving the police station held a press conference and said: “I had to prosecute many composers in the USA, Germany, France and other countries who have engaged in plagiarism. He has won. With regard to the presented claim — I have only one desire: to restore their rights and receive the revenue of this song. The music experts who work in the courts of France and Russia, considered the two works. And found that 41 percent of the song “Tough love” was borrowed from “Symphonic Space Dream”. If we talk about the chorus, there is 71% of musical notes is the same. This may not be a matter of chance. And all people can see a startling similarity of these songs. Although the rhythm was changed, however the experts confirmed that we are talking about plagiarism”.

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Yuri Loza / TASS

Famous musician Yuri Loza, who has his own opinion on a topical news hooks also spoke about the conflict. The actor also believes that it is exactly about plagiarism: “Kirkorov has no relationship to the authorship of the song. All claims and lawsuits against it are ridiculous. Philip just sang the song “Cruel love”. He never said that it was written. Song stolen. Obviously. 45 percent of coincidence can not be accidental. Only someone who first licked the melody is unknown. So the only thing you should now understand who this song was stolen first. Kirkorov this has nothing”.

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