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“The police I asked for water, told me drink from the bathroom”

St. Petersburg student hunger strike, demanding to ban the “Warmia”. Interview

For the third day in St. Petersburg fast 16-year-old student 622 gymnasium Leonid Shaidurov. June 17, Leonid stood in front of the Committee for education of St. Petersburg in a single picket with a poster “Hunger strike”, until it was taken away by the police. “Why particularly the hunger strike? — wrote in social networks Leonid. — Because the response to different kind of treatment, literally screaming about the fact that the current system of education is and from anti-social, predatory, were simply ignored! We have quite objective and achievable requirements:

1. A ban on the influence of “Warmie” and similar organizations at schools! School for education and not for propaganda.

2. Free food free education!

3. To prohibit political persecution and pressure against the disciples on the political agenda.”

“Uname”. Help

“Uname” — all-Russian youth military-Patriotic public movement created in 2016. Co-founders: DOSAAF of the Russian Federation, Veterans ‘ public organization of the Armed forces of Russia, CSKA Moscow in the person of its Deputy head — gymnast Svetlana Khorkina, cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and Valery Vostrotina paratrooper.

Among the goals of “Unirii” — comprehensive development and improvement of the personality of children and adolescents, addressing their individual needs in intellectual, moral and physical perfection; the increase in the society the authority and prestige of military service; the preservation and enhancement of Patriotic traditions; the formation of the youth the readiness and practical ability to perform civic duty and constitutional duty to defend the Fatherland.

The mechanism of achieving the objectives: raise awareness among young people of high civil and social activity, patriotism, commitment to internationalism, countering extremist ideology; development in the youth environment of responsibility, teamwork, a system of moral attitudes personality on the basis of the characteristic of the Russian society system of values; formation of positive motivation of young people to military service and the preparation of young men for service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation etc.

Members of the movement can be children (individuals) who have reached 8 years, and legal entities — public associations, expressing support for the goals of the movement. Regional headquarters “of Warmii” open in all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation.

The movement was established in order to improve state policy in the field of education of the younger generation. Its purpose is to unite all organizations, bodies of pre-conscription training of citizens.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the movement does not aim to militarize the youth, however, should counteract the fact that “do in the certain subjects with young people” and ensure that “show on television”.

Members of “Warmii” add up to 20 points for the exam for admission to universities.

The Union of students

At the end of last year, together with like-minded Leonid created the trade Union “Student”. According to the student, he was inspired to create an organization that looked at student associations in the United States. If at first the Union “Disciple” was not over 40 and exclusively from his grammar school, now the Union members hundreds of students from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Veliky Novgorod and Krasnoyarsk.

From the outset, the Union clearly divided the requirements into “minimum” and “maximum”. “Minimum” refers exclusively to the gymnasium, where he studied of Leonid Shaidurov. A “high” was aiming at the interregional level (and he’s already successfully implemented). In the “low” students demanded from the administration of the institution not to assign more than three tests in a day and no more than two repeating consecutive lessons, as well as less control over the appearance of students: not allowed to wear earrings and dye their hair.

According to Leonid, the Union initially wanted to achieve their demands “humanistic” way, without resorting to radical methods, but headmaster Natalia aleksakhina regarded the initiative as students protest. During class she called me into the office Shaydurova and the entire administration of the school. “She said, — says Leonid, — “Shaidurov, you played, there is no need of a leader to build.” I tried to explain that it is not in the leadership, and the desire to improve the learning process. And then she began to insult me, screaming that he would write me a statement to the Prosecutor, in a mental hospital will pass and I’ll work as a janitor. But the other students encouraged me not to talk”.

Leonid believes that the Director expected threats to “intimidate and humiliate” him “huddled in a corner.” In addition, the Director began to exert pressure on parents of Leonidas. And to make it it was easy: the boy’s mother works at the same school as a teacher. Director of the school told her that her son “is not in the course of” and asked to pick up the boys from school. Shaidurov do not become and have successfully completed the 10th grade. But the Union’s demands from the “minimum” the school administration has not complied.

“Dragged me on the pavement to the paddy wagon”

— So why are you on hunger strike? I ask Leonid Shaydurova.

— Because it’s boiling point is: we are ignored, and the simplest requirements in the form of denial propaganda in schools and the militarization of youth.

— How your school is set in the “Warmia”?

Is violent propaganda on the notorious line of the ruling party — “United Russia”. For example, arrange lectures. And this is a direct meaningful propaganda of militarization. “Uname” exists in many cities, and so we unite against this subject of propaganda.

— You said the Director of the gymnasium, the pedagogical staff that you do not want your school was the propaganda of militarism?

— Who we will listen, if they do it for a raise in pay? Of course, they will be performing for “Warmia”. If they do not promote, they will lose about 20% of their salary. For the different kinds of third-party events teachers and administration receive additional salary.

— And a lot of you guys from school entered in the “Warmia”?

In our school there are participants of the “Warmii”, but they are few, as we guard ourselves against propaganda. But still we get those things that take away from the lessons in the event of “Warmii”. This is a problem not only in our school, and throughout Russia. Therefore, from an organization that leads the promotion of a violent nature, you need to get rid of. “Warmia” is a direct line from the ruling party, i.e. United Russia. That is “Warmia” is a start. Beginning, which denies critical and analytical viewpoint.

— Another of your requirements is the prohibition of political persecution and pressure on students for political agenda.

— This is a topic that concerns the majority of all schools of Russia. For example, very late, when I, together with his comrades formed the Union of “Student”, then in a parallel manner in Khabarovsk was such situation: the girl came into the class with symbol Bulk, and after that huge scandal to the exclusion of the girls from school. But the student may carry any free thought, any political agenda without reprisals from the administration and from teachers in the form of underreporting estimates, call parents, and deductions.

And third, your requirement is free food free education. And how many now need to pay a month for food at school?

Well, not in a month, and one-time. At least to eat without juice and tea — at least 250 rubles, that is chicken and mashed potatoes.

— Yes, it is very expensive.

But in high schools is even more expensive, there is a lot more pay. Many already bring food from home. Yes, here we have free education! In prison, free food, and students need to bring their own food.

— How long have you been on picket until you are picked up by the police?

— About an hour. During this time I gained a lot of contacts of concerned people and talked with an unknown official of the Board of education (Chairman of the Committee Zhanna Vorobyova — approx. ed.) who listened to my requirements, quickly passed into the room and after 15 minutes the police arrived. The police unceremoniously told that I was detained and dragged my feet on the pavement to the paddy wagon. Now I can hardly walk, I have injured leg. At the police station, I stayed for four hours, waiting for parents.

I was detained completely illegally as at the picket, I did not break anything. Draw conclusions, comrades! Nothing breaking, received a warning and riding on the pavement. At the picket can stand people over the age of 16, if he is a participant, not an organizer, but he wrote in the report that I incorrectly conducted picketing, although this was not. It is very significant in this lawless world. But what I was more immersed in understanding the main problems of the police state, is the pressure from employees, talk about my future, etc.

When I was at the police station asked for a glass of water, a COP who has detained me, told me: “Drink from the bathroom”. I literally delving into the logic of the police state, when I just asked for a glass of water, I answered.

In the end, so you of water and not give for four hours?

— No, without water I was, it turns out, five hours while then another hour got home.

I feel like?

Small hunger is present. But I do not isolate themselves and maintain a practical agenda.

— You continue the hunger strike?

— Yes, I’m holding a hunger strike for the third day. Only drink water. Because I have now still work (at the moment I work as an operator “Rostelecom”), to deal with organizational issues, so I need to at least drink water.

— What are you achieve their hunger, that is these three requirements that you specified?

— In fact, the hunger strike will be canceled immediately when is the intelligible answer from any official associated with the Committee of education or an official response from the Board of education. That is when I will say why I have stated three requirements are impossible to fulfill or that they will be executed. Next Monday these pickets will be held in several cities of Russia: Moscow, Kirov, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and several other cities.

— How your parents feel about the fact that you are on the hunger strike?

— Parents came some process of humility, that is, they are neutral now. In its original form was antagonism.

— How the school reacted to your hunger strike, on the picket line?

— From the administration of the school called his mother. Because I’m still a student has passed in 11-th class.

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