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The police helps him Bacharova to fight fraud-“wizards”

Since 2009, Marat Basharov is a leading TV program “Battle of psychics” on channel TNT. The actor has replaced on a post of its colleague Michael Porechenkov. In eight years of working with magicians and clairvoyants, the artist made sure that among them there are those who really possesses psychic abilities, however, fraudsters and impostors is still a lot more.

Recently Marat himself was a victim of Scam artists: from the name of the actor pseudomai and pseudocereal opened the help center, which “was” non-existent damage to defrauded customers. All receptions are conducted on the phone. Services scams cost the victims dearly. “137 666, without rounding, because each digit has its own value,” — said on the phone to journalists by the staff of the center.

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Basharov says that is irrelevant to the enterprise. “I, Marat Basharov, have no relationship to the so-called “centers of Marat Basharova”. To the centers, where there are scams, pure scams,” said the actor in an interview to TV channel REN TV.

According to the actor, he had appealed to law enforcement agencies, however, the result is not yet given: “Personally, I came to the police station and wrote a statement to the police. But neither the answer, nor greetings. I took the statement and everything. So it’s all covered with a copper basin”.

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